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علم الرجال.. "النسائى" إمام الحديث الذى أصدر "السنن الصغرى" فى مصر

The science of men.. “Al-Nasa’i” is the imam of the hadith that issued “Al-Sunan Al-Soghra” in Egypt

Imam Ahmad bin Shuaib al-Nasa’i is one of the most famous imams of the noble hadith, and he is the author of the minor and major Sunan, known as Sunan al-Nasa’i, and he is one of the nation’s greatest scholars of hadith, to the extent that al-Suyuti said of him: “An-Nasa’i is the renewal of the third hundred,” and he has a very scientific career. in importance.

He is Ahmed bin Shuaib bin Ali bin Sinan bin Bahr bin Dinar al-Nisa’i, and his nickname is “Abu Abd al-Rahman.” He was born in the year 829 AD (215 AH), in the city of Nasa, in the ancient country of Khorasan, located between Iran and Afghanistan today. Not much is known about his beginnings in Muscat. His head, which indicates that he grew up in a family of modest knowledge and status.

Imam al-Nasa’i lived with ten of the caliphs of Banu al-Abbas, he was born at the end of the era of al-Ma’mun, and he was killed in the year “915 AD / 303 AH” during the era of al-Muqtadir Billah Abi al-Fadl Jaafar ibn Ahmad al-Mutadhid.

Sunan al-Nasa’i is a book of hadith books, in which Imam al-Nasa’i collected what he had of the hadith of the Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – in accordance with his conditions and controls in collecting hadiths. Who is famous for Sunan Al-Nisa’i.

As for the characteristics and status of Al-Nasa’i’s book, they are: It is one of the six well-known hadith books, its rank comes after the two Sahihs, because of the authentic hadiths that came in it. The conditions of the three incorrect book owners out of the six famous books. In his Sunan, Imam al-Nasa’i combined jurisprudence and isnad. We find that he arranged hadiths according to chapters, and put titles for each chapter, and collected the isnads of one hadith in one place.

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He produced many of his books in Egypt during the Tulunid State era, and he was also able to extract “Al-Sunan Al-Soghra” from his book “Al-Sunan Al-Kubra”. The Sunan is correct? He said: No, so he said to him: He brought us the Sahih from it, so he did that for a period of time, so he produced his book Al-Sunan Al-Soghra.

Al-Nasa’i paid his life in the face of fanaticism and extremism, which Al-Daraqutni described as “more knowledgeable than a Muslim,” and Al-Dhahabi said of him: “He was a sea of ​​sciences, with no peer in his knowledge.” His destiny was to die at the hands of ignorant people, demagogues, and fanatics, who do not know the truth from Falsehood and the world are from the ignorant, as they have always been.