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علم الرجال.. "ابن ماجة" القيزونى جامع الأحاديث وصاحب "السنن"

The Science of Men.. “Ibn Majah” Al-Qayzuni, the collector of hadiths and the author of “Al-Sunan”

Imam Ibn Majah is considered a Muslim interpreter and historian, and one of the imams in the science of hadith. His life witnessed movement between many countries in order to seek hadith. Ibn Majah classified hadiths in thirty-seven books, and divided the books into one thousand five hundred chapters.

Ibn Majah combined the activity of authorship, teaching and teaching generations, and among his most famous students and those who narrated on his hand are Ibn Sibawayh, Muhammad Ibn Issa al-Saffar, Ishaq Ibn Muhammad, Ali Ibn al-Qattan, and other famous narrators.

He had toured the countries on trips that lasted more than 15 years, sealed by returning to Qazvin, where he devoted himself to composing, classifying, and narrating hadith after he gained notoriety and went to students from everywhere. He had knowledge and memorization, and he was a scholar in this regard, author of classifications, including history and the Sunan.

Imam al-Dhahabi also praised him, in which he said: “He was a memorizer, a scholar, a critic and an honest one,” in addition to the praise of Ibn Khallikan, who was impressed by his knowledge, his knowledge of hadith and all its sciences.

The book “Sunan Ibn Majah” is one of the six books of hadiths of the Prophet, and it is one of the most prominent and most important things he wrote and gained fame because of it. Hadiths were extracted by other hadith scholars, but he was isolated from them by about 1339 hadiths.

What distinguishes the book is that Ibn Majah took care of it as an explanation and commentary, and some scholars have made explanations for it, including: “Kifayat al-Haja fi Sharh Ibn Majah” by al-Sindi, “The Bottle Lamp on Sunan Ibn Majah” by al-Suyuti, and “The Glowing Planets with the Explanation of Sunan Ibn Majah.” For Muhammad Al-Muntaqa Al-Kishnawy, and others.

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Ibn Majah died in the month of Ramadan in the year 273 AH. His brother Abu Bakr prayed for him. He was buried with his other brother Abu Abdullah and his son Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Yazid.