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علم الرجال.. "عبيد الله بن عبد الله" شاعر المدينة وأحد الفقهاء السبعة

The science of men.. “Ubaid Allah bin Abdullah” is the poet of Medina and one of the seven jurists

Imam Ubaid Allah bin Abdullah bin Utbah bin Masoud Al-Hudhali is one of the most famous Muslim jurists. He is a Madani follower, one of the narrators of the Prophetic hadith, and one of the seven jurists of Medina. He was one of the most knowledgeable of the people of Medina. He is good at poetry and has verses.

Abu Abdullah Ubaid Allah bin Abdullah bin Utbah bin Masoud al-Hudhali was born in Medina in the caliphate of Umar ibn al-Khattab or shortly thereafter. He is the brother of the modernist Awn bin Abdullah bin Utbah, and the grandson of the companion Utbah bin Masoud, the brother of the companion Abdullah bin Masoud.

Ibn Utbah grew up in Medina, learned it and excelled in it, until he became one of the seven jurists of Medina from the followers in his time, and he was the one who was polite at his hands Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz when he grew up in Medina, and Az-Zuhri praised him, saying: “Ubaid Allah Ibn Abdullah was not I want to fall from him on what I can only find with him, unless I fall on him.” He also said: “Ubaid Allah bin Abdullah was a sea of ​​knowledge.”

Ibn Saad mentioned him in the second layer of the people of Medina, and Al-Waqidi said: “He was trustworthy, a scholar, a jurist, a lot of hadith and knowledge of poetry, and his sight was gone.” Al-Ajli said: “He was blind, and one of the jurists of Medina was trustworthy, a righteous man, a collector of knowledge.” And Abu Zara’ al-Razi said: “Trustworthy, safe, imam,” and the group narrated it to him.

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Obaidullah bin Abdullah bin Utbah died in the year 98 AH, and it was said 99 AH, and it was said 94 AH, and he was blind with poor eyesight, and his eyesight went away at the end of his life.