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The science we need | Shaima Al Marzouki

Studying and writing biographies is one of the literary fields that acquire great importance, although in our Arab world it is modest in terms of production, attention and care, but in many parts of the world it acquires glare, vitality and great importance, and it is sufficient for him to be a politician who has spent most of his life in it. Or an innovator, a leader, an activist in a field, or a profession that has been successful and accepted, it is sufficient for him to crown his career with a book in which he discloses many secrets, skills, methods and methods that he followed during his career, which led him towards excellence and success or caused him to excel in this field.
There are many books that carry the biographies of inventors, innovators, scientists, politicians and athletes, which are translated into Arabic, and few are the biography books that carry the biographies and stories of Arab inspirers, actors and innovators, and the people of life experiences and rich experiences, and this shows the great gap in this field, not because there is no in Our Arab world is men and women who deserve to write down their experiences, experiences and what they went through; Rather, this important vital field is completely absent, far from support and care, and at the same moment writers and authors did not pay attention to it as much as interest in novels, poetry, stories and other literary genres.
I think that because of the stumbling and the blurry image in this field, we lose a lot of experiences, a lot of experiences, and we lose a lot of science that fused with reality and produced experiences and skills worthy of learning and knowledge, and can only be learned or known through blogging and writing, through writing a CV .
How I wish writers and authors who have tried writing and writing in various literary fields, to give the field of biography some attention, and to present the Arabic library with names that we need to write down their experiences and experiences, and to convey their successes and how they overcame obstacles and difficulties, to become a scientific record. knowledge for us and for future generations.
When you hear and read the experiences, expertise and skills of a human being, you are inspired by the method and style, and you use them in your scientific and practical life, and from here you acquire the skill of creativity and shorten yourself a lot of slips and mistakes. This experience that you gain from reading the biography of a successful person, gives you fuel that pushes you towards success, and most importantly towards confidence in yourself; Because you are based on the information and experiences of those who preceded you in this field.

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