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The second half... the match between Tunisia and Gambia 0-1 in the African Nations

The second half… the match between Tunisia and Gambia 0-1 in the African Nations

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African Nations Championship 2021

The Africa Cup of Nations kicked off in Cameroon on January 9, 2022, after its original 2021 date was pushed back due to the pandemic. The tournament matches will be played on six stadiums in five Cameroonian cities.

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Follow with us the match between Tunisia and Gambia in the African Cup of Nations currently being held in Cameroon at the end of the group stage.

new firstold first

Ooooooooooooooooooooool first for Gambia

Tunisia plays with 10 players after Dräger was sent off

A mistake for Tunisia on the borders of the Gambia region, but the defense shines with a high spirit and tackles the ball

Broadcast back again

Broadcast interruption during the Tunisia-Gambia match, commentator Raouf Khalif says “waiting for the broadcast to return,” and the analytical studio announces that the interruption is from the source

If the match ends in a draw and Mali wins against Mauritania, the group ranking will be as follows: Mali is in the lead with 7 points, Gambia with 5 points and Tunisia with 4 points

Less than 5 minutes left in the match

The corner is played inside the penalty area, but the defense disperses the ball into the center of the field

An attack on Tunisia, but the Gambia’s defense is still successful in thwarting Tunisian attempts

Tunisia is attacking with all its lines and Gambia is playing on the counterattack

A missile shot from a Gambian player hits the post, which prevents a goal and keeps Tunisia’s chances of qualifying

A foul in favor of Gambia on the border of the Tunisia penalty area, but a shot goes wide

Cooperative play between the two teams and the ball is confused between the players’ feet

An organized attack by Gambia from the north ends with a weak shot that the Tunisian goalkeeper easily catches

Will Tunisia surrender in front of scoring a goal to take second place?

Tunisia is still struggling against the Gambia, who seems to be hoping to get a draw in order to maintain the second place

Tunisian pressure, but the Gambia defense has been successful so far in addressing them