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The secret of Ilham Shaheen's visit to Abdeen Palace

The secret of Ilham Shaheen’s visit to Abdeen Palace

The artist Elham Shaheen visited Abdeen Palace, one of the most famous historical palaces in Egypt, which is considered a rare architectural masterpiece and a historical museum that documents the most important events that Egypt witnessed from the royal era until the 1952 revolution.

I picked up Ilham Shaheen Many pictures were taken between the sides of the historic palace, and she wore a classic dress with floral patterns.

Ilham Shaheen on the stairs of Abdeen Palace – from Ilham Shaheen’s Instagram

Ilham Shaheen published the photos on her official website on the social networking site Instagram and commented on her saying: “Egypt is the mother of the world and the first civilization in the world.. Beauty, luxury and sophistication in the most beautiful palaces in the world.. Abdeen Palace..and in all the famous museums of the world you can find the pavilion The Egyptian is the most important both in Louvre Museum Or the Palace of Versailles..They even built a pyramid of glass in front of the Louvre..The most important square in Paris is the Egyptian Obelisk Square..Egypt means antiquity, originality, beauty and sophistication.

• Signing the book “The Five Enemies of Egypt”

Elham Shaheen and Lebleba and d.  Khaled Montaser with Counselor Amir Shaheen and his wife during the signing ceremony from Instagram Ilham Shaheen
Elham Shaheen and Lebleba and d. Khaled Montaser with Counselor Amir Ramzy and his wife during the signing ceremony – Photo from Ilham Shaheen’s Instagram

Ilham Shaheen visitedAbdeen Palace After attending the signing ceremony of the book “The Five Enemies of Egypt”, written by Counselor Amir Ramzy, in the presence of a large group of media professionals and public figures, headed by his brother, comedian Hani Ramzy, and Dr. Mostafa Elfeki Director Library of Alexandria, and the artist Lebleba, and the writer Khaled Montaser and others.

The book revolves around the writer’s vision of how to confront the five enemies of Egypt, which he identified in his book as not deviating from five (poverty, ignorance, injustice, disease and chaos).

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Ilham Shaheen congratulated the advisor, Amir Ramzy, on the book’s release, as she published pictures from the signing ceremony and a picture of her with the artist. Hany Ramzy And she wrote on her official page on Instagram, “Congratulations, Honorable Counselor Amir Ramzy, for issuing the book, The Five Enemies of Egypt.. Thank you for all your great efforts for the good of Egypt.” Your support for culture and thought, and for hosting in Abdeen Palace this great edifice of which we are all proud.”