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The secret of the royal family's refusal to invite "Harry and Meghan" to the Platinum Jubilee celebrations

The secret of the royal family’s refusal to invite “Harry and Meghan” to the Platinum Jubilee celebrations

Royal commentator Jonathan Socrates said he understood why Megan Markle and Prince Harry wanted to return to the UK to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, according to the British newspaper The Express.

He pointed out that he could understand why the couple did not want or receive the call, especially after the couple had said more than once that they would divert attention from the Queen.

He further added that this was due to the negative perceptions of the royal family and their withdrawal from royal duties.

“Despite the desire to attend the Golden Jubilee celebrations, I think it will be very difficult for Megan Markle and Prince Harry to come home,” Sacardotti said.

“Even if Harry and Megan want to come to the celebrations and the royal family wants to invite them, it won’t happen,” he added.

“The family’s outrage over Harry and Megan’s statements will cause the Queen to withdraw any decision regarding inviting the couple to the banquet,” he pointed out.

The newspaper confirmed: To overcome that, Harry and Megan will try to divert their attention from Queen’s wonderful celebrations.

The state expert decided that whether or not to come to the husband would be a difficult choice.

He said: “Their presence in the UK, especially without resolving previous issues, will not be a good decision, so everyone will tell you why they did not attend, whether it was their own decision or not.”

“In all of these stories of Megan and Harry, it’s a story of not inviting or telling them to come,” he added.

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He pointed out that the family was well aware that the sudden attendance of Harry and Megan at the ceremony without any introduction would divert public opinion from the Queen’s celebration.

Jubilee celebrations mark the historic 70-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II, which no other British monarch has achieved.

Speculation about whether Harry and Megan will attend the ceremony has increased in recent months, with government experts making their predictions.