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"The Secret Quintet"...Mike Myers Able To Play All Roles

“The Secret Quintet”…Mike Myers Able To Play All Roles

The series “The Secret Quintet” indicates the need for diversity of identities (Netflix)

Canadian actor Mike Myers still manages to capture the audience’s attention, although in recent years he has been content with a few minor roles. But it is clear thatNetflixI managed to get it back, as it finally aired the series “The Secret Quintet” (The Pentaverate), based on a conspiracy theory that Myers had put forth in an earlier 1993 film, So I Married an Ax Murderer.

Myers is the executive producer of the series, and the owner of his idea, and he plays seven characters, showing his well-known disguise and changing his voice, to the extent that we can’t distinguish him from himself, to be the best and worst actor at the same time, depending on the character he plays. In this series, we are introduced to a Canadian journalist, a semi-retired, who finds himself entangled with a group known as the “Secret Quintet”. The latter wants to solve the world’s problems, but discovers the betrayal of one of its members and his desire to dominate the world, or sell the secret Five’s technology to a country to use it to control the world.

The series features Keegan-Michael Key, the actor known for the “Key and Bill” duos, as a new candidate for the fraternity. But he soon kills, to be replaced byKen Jeongthe Asian actor who made the series The Hangover famous, so that the two play in front of the characters of Mike Myers attention-grabbing roles, but she cannot overwhelm Myers, as he plays all the roles, so that the appearance of the actors appears as if they were guests, threatening to leave or kill at any moment.

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The series parodies the difference between Canada and the United States on a visual level; Canada appears to belong in the 1990s, while the United States belongs in the new millennium. This is accompanied, and this is the most interesting thing in the series, with the mockery of the “Netflix” platform itself, and the censorship system in it, with regard to insults or nudity that is repeated in some episodes as a game, as we see a scene that is all insults and insults, and then a producer intervenes.” Netflix” to delete the insults, which changes the meaning of everything we see, in reference to the need to reduce censorship and political correctness, and to emphasize that insults are a dramatic part of the dialogue, and without it what we see may turn into a more obscene form, as we see in “The Secret Quintet.”

The series offers nothing new, betting on traditional conspiracy theories, and group follies QanonWhether they believe that the earth is flat, or that the deep state controls everything, or that the Bigfoot is real, but the authority hid it, not to mention the referral to the supporters of former US President Donald Trump and their theories that have now faded.

The series “The Secret Quintet” also indicates the necessity of identifiable diversity. Here, the value of this secret organization, though made up of old white men, is open to change. After the traitor is eliminated, the remaining members kill themselves, making way for a new secret group, more open and diverse, with an interest in the world’s future.

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The Secret Pentacle ends without us asking any questions; Simple, straightforward amusement, trying to break the tradition, without success, Myers’ performance cannot be judged as playing all the roles. In a way, he succeeds in some and fails in others, even the topics dealt with in the series dealt with a former comic in a more profound way.

Nevertheless, the “Secret Pentacle” of us addresses nostalgia; For example, the ghoul “Shrek”, who we know that Myers also had previously performed, to defeat the jungle monster, appears in a quick snapshot that ignited the enthusiasm of social media, as if the “Netflix” platform is betting on Myers himself, his artistic history and his many facets, which he did not skimp on. We have them, but reviewed them to the point of saturation.