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The secret to Prince Harry's and Megan's surprise visit to England, despite security concerns

The secret to Prince Harry’s and Megan’s surprise visit to England, despite security concerns

The British newspaper The Sun confirmed that Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle’s visit to the UK for the first time in two years has been widely criticized.
He said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who had stopped in England during a trip to the Invictus Games in the Netherlands, waved to stunned spectators in Windsor for a traditional Mountain Thursday dinner.
Royal writer Angela Levine said the couple’s visit was not a good thing.
“I think Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles II missed them so much in Harry’s and Megan’s lives, so the Sussex could use this to play with the feelings of the Queen and the heirs to the throne, and use them commercially. Before.”
“It was so bad not to attend Prince Philip’s memorial service and to know the reaction to it. I think the couple could not miss that ad,” he added.
The newspaper pointed out that the couple had met Prince Charles during a surprise visit to Windsor Castle and that this was the first time the couple had traveled to the United Kingdom together since March 2020.
Royal writer Tom Power believes that the couple’s secret meeting with the Queen before leaving for the Netherlands is to please the makers of the upcoming documentary.
“I have no doubt everything was made for the Netflix documentary,” Bauer said.
“The failure of the Queen’s advisers to protect him from the exploitation of the merchants is the worst part of the royal family because the Sussex family has used a sick old woman to improve their credibility and their wallet,” he added.
Harry and Megan signed a major deal with Netflix last year worth 11 112 million.
Their first project was announced as an Invictus Games documentary with an Academy Award-winning production team.

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