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The Senate did not refuse to overtake cyclists within the specified distance

The Senate did not refuse to overtake cyclists within the specified distance

Updates: 10.06.2021 15:34

Prague – Despite the recommendations of its committees, the Senate did not refuse to activate the prescribed distance for cyclists. However, today it has eased the penalties for non-compliance with the measure, which should not be applied until next year. The changes will now be considered by Parliament.

According to the Parliamentary Amendment to the Roads Act, motorists must now turn around cyclists at a distance of 1.5 metres, which is about half of the route. The reason is the effort to increase the safety of cyclists in road traffic. A similar arrangement applies in Germany, France or Spain.

Opponents of the set distance pointed out that the new measure would not be feasible to comply with or control many of the roads. However, there was not a single vote in the Senate to enforce their demand that new measures not be introduced.

The Senate recommended reduced penalties for violating the new law. According to the parliamentary version, the driver can be fined up to 10,000 kroner, a driving ban for half a year and seven points can be deducted. Senator Ladislav Kose of the Pirate Club managed to reduce penalties to a maximum of 2,000 crowns, unless the driver endangered the cyclist.

A group of deputies led by Petr Dolínek of CSSD has proposed enacting a safe distance for cyclists to overtake. Newly, where possible, the motorist is required to pass a cyclist at a distance of 1.5 meters. In areas with a limited speed of 30 kilometers per hour, a distance of one meter is sufficient.

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The amendment is also to introduce a two-point pull for drivers who park illegally in handicapped places. It also imposes a virtual ban on the operation of so-called beer bikes. The Senate opposed the proposal to allow all vehicles parked on the sidewalk to be towed illegally. On the contrary, he recommended that the amendment be supplemented by the right of municipalities to require the towing of car wrecks. At the suggestion of the KDU-SL, the right of home caregivers to stand for the necessary length of time in places with a standing ban, which can currently be performed by clinicians, was included in the eg service.

The original intent of the amendment was only to enable police officers to immediately punish illegal driving in reserved lanes. At present, only police officers can refer such a suspected offense to administrative proceedings. Dedicated lanes are mainly used for buses, police cars, paramedics, firefighters and other components of the rescue system.

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