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The seventh anniversary of the opening of the canal recorded a record high daily traffic of 89 vessels.

The seventh anniversary of the opening of the canal recorded a record high daily traffic of 89 vessels.

01:40 PM

06 August 2022 Saturday

Ismalia – Hosam El Din Ahmed:

Lieutenant-General Osama Rabi, head of the Suez Canal Authority, said the navigation movement in the canal had recorded the highest daily vessel traffic rate in the canal’s history, with 89 vessels passing from both directions without waiting on Saturday.

The total net tonnage of vessels reached 5.2 million tons, and 44 vessels passed from the north direction with a net tonnage of 3 million tons, while 45 vessels passed from the south direction with a total net tonnage of the canal’s new navigation lane. 2.2 million tonnes.

The head of the authority explained that after the opening of the new Suez Canal project, the daily traffic rates through the Suez Canal have seen a significant increase, with the average daily traffic of ships crossing the canal increasing from 48 to 62 ships before the new canal project. Ships now.

The head of the authority stressed that without the new Suez Canal project, the navigation movement in the canal could not have achieved the record numbers recorded, which succeeded in increasing the capacity of the canal and raising its efficiency to receive current and future generations. World naval arsenals are moving towards construction to take advantage of economies of scale.

Lieutenant-General Roby said that in the past, projects to improve the navigation course of the Suez Canal have topped the priorities of the work agenda, the most recent of which is the project to improve the southern part of the canal. Accelerated pace according to the schedule in light of the high interest shown in this file from the political leadership. Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, for his permanent support for the Suez Canal Authority and its future projects, for the benefit of the national economy and the great people of Egypt.

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Today, from the north, the giant container ship COSCO SHIPPING FISH topped the navigation movement on its next voyage from the United Kingdom to Singapore with a gross tonnage of 202 thousand tons, while the container ship OOCL SCANDINAVIA flew the flag of Hong Kong. Kong led the southern convoy of 220,000 tons. On his next flight from Singapore to the United Kingdom.

It is noteworthy that 23 cargo vessels, 23 bulk carriers of various types of giant vessels were reported to have transited the canal last Saturday, in addition to 24 general and multi-purpose cargo vessels and other types, as well as 14 oil tankers and 3 natural gas tankers transiting.