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الفيلم القصير "على قبر أبى" يفوز باليسر الذهبى بمهرجان البحر الأحمر

The short film “On My Father’s Grave” wins the Golden Yusr at the Red Sea Festival

The Red Sea Festival revealed, at the closing ceremony of the second session, the awards for the virtual reality competition, where the silver Yusr won Eurydice, directed by Celine Demen from the Netherlands, while the Golden Yusr award went to the movie “Across the Main Square”, directed by Pedro Harris from Germany.

As for the awards for the short films competition, a special mention went to the movie “Snow in September”, while the silver Yusr won the short film “Will My Father Come to See Me” by director Mohamed Bashir from Somalia, while the Golden Yusr went to My Father’s Grave by director Joaheen Zentar from Morocco.

And at the end of the Red Sea Film Festival, the movie “The Valley Road” was shown, whose story revolves around the young man Ali, whose sister left the house to study, and she was the one who surrounded him with acceptance and love, which prompted his father to take him on a trip to the valley towards a folk healer to rid him of the stigma of his deficiency. While Ali gets lost from his father, he discovers that it is a journey that holds many challenges for him, which he was able to overcome with tenacity and fortitude.

The jury for the second edition of the festival for feature films is chaired by international director and writer Oliver Stone, artist Nelly Karim, Tunisian director Kawthar Ben Haniyeh, Georgian film director Levan Kogwa Shivili, and finally Palestinian actor Ali Suleiman.

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The Red Sea Short Film Competition jury includes director Joanna Haji-Thoma, Saudi writer and director Shahd Amin, and Nigerian actor Ozi Ago.