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The Shura Ministry of Foreign Affairs meets with the Space Sciences Authority to discuss the draft law of the Artemis Convention for Civil Explorations

The Foreign Affairs, Defense and National Security Committee of the Shura Council, chaired by Ali Muhammad Al-Rumaihi, held a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Communications represented by the National Space Science Authority and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to discuss a draft law ratifying the Artemis Convention on the principles of cooperation in civil exploration, and the use of the moon, Mars, comets and asteroids. for peaceful purposes.

The committee reviewed the terms of the agreement, consisting of 13 articles and a preamble, as well as the views of the National Space Science Authority and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the agreement. The committee discussed with the concerned authorities about the terms of the agreement, the most prominent countries acceding to the agreement, and a number of inquiries submitted by Their Excellencies the members about the draft law.

During the meeting, Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Asiri, CEO of the National Space Science Authority, explained that the most important areas for the Kingdom of Bahrain to benefit from joining this agreement are obtaining educational and training opportunities in the fields of space science, implementing joint scientific projects and research to enhance practical progress in the same field, as well as exchanging Information and expertise in all areas related to aspects of cooperation, which shortens a lot of effort and reduces costs for the Authority.

The committee indicated that the draft law ratifying the Artemis Convention aims to enhance cooperation among member states to find a common vision by developing a set of principles and guidelines to enhance the governance of civil exploration and the exploitation of outer space for the sake of humanity, and to apply these principles to civil space activities carried out by agencies. The civil space of each signatory country, with the commitment of these countries to transparency and the exchange of scientific information – in this regard – on the basis of the principle of good faith, in addition to contributing to scientific and space progress and promoting the sustainable use of space for a prosperous future for humanity.

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The members of the committee decided to approve the draft law and prepare a final report on it in preparation for discussing it in one of the next sessions of the Shura Council.