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The sign really has a lot to do, especially in the daytime, for an entrepreneur

At the end of the epidemic in which the entire regional branch was infected with the Coronavirus. But we did it with the help of colleagues from neighboring regions. And at that time with an understanding client, for Jan Ajan, co-owner of the Vekra characters and just the board.

Think you won’t be lenient today?

We are not out of it and the customers are still greedy. On the other hand, there are also those who are impatient with the current civil situation, and this is reflected in their reproduction. This is the responsibility of our employees. And we are a company or a customer, we are a people and we want to make a deal.

How much regular testing or daily work limits?

As our business operates across the country, it does not cause any restrictions. Employees test themselves under the supervision of a supervisor, and the tests are evaluated in 10 minutes, so come on in a shift of these 10 minutes.

Surprised by the low activity or false positive of the antigen test chamber?

A positive test appears here and there, but a negative PCR test does not follow. But these are units of ppad, also we do production in bnm mode.

Are you going to potentially handcuff your people?

We study the vaccine and are constantly monitoring how the situation evolves with vaccines. If possible, our tempting lkai will take over.

Do I know the characters during the pandemic by chance with others?

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dl a lot really. Especially in the day when people are in charge of the future, look for stability more than ever. Here he represents us our personalities. See behind them tradition and reliability as well as products necessary for life. And I won’t lie, who cares more is more exciting to us.

January time

  • The co-owner of the Vekra characters is a remote machine.
  • At the time of the 90s, he worked for a German company for the production of windows, where he began to work as a counter.
  • In 1994 he established his own company in the Czech Republic for the production and installation of windows.
  • At present, Vekra belongs to the Window Holding, which has a thousand employees.

Did you receive new reinforcements even during the pandemic?

Fully and for a year this year we have different businesses and can now fill them. We have new colleagues in production, business and management.

m is pitaliv vs graduate dnen?

Today, graduates are usually very flexible in working with information technology. This is very important for us, because in our country digitalization is permeating all areas. From automated production through sales presentations and visualization of windows in the configurator to front-end order. Many with the help of applications in the tablet. In this we are so rare Europeans. That is why the IT profession today cannot do without information technology literacy in our country.

What about people after a round of mistakes?

I see a long-term weakness in the unrealistic view of moving from theory to practice. It is often not the applicant’s fault, but a matter of success and information from some media. Those who run the boards on a high bike have a very white truth. Those who first ask about the benefits during the interview are not very interesting to us.

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But work due to humidity. Candidates are interested in salary as well as benefits, such as the possibility of shortened bonds.

I view this more as a matter of company culture, rather than a benefit. In some situations, the monkey chain is shortened and the staff goes out. On the other hand, we probably wouldn’t go far in the hard hours of production. My long-standing motto is that your first working relationship is a relationship like any other.

Znte zamstnance jimni?

I have been with the company for more than twenty-five years, and I also dare say a good number of employees really know by name.

In what situations do people stay the longest?

It is similar to most companies. Get most technical positions, but not just management positions. The fluctuation is then in some trading positions and in production. Although it is a little better there, because people have limited opportunities to work abroad. Today it is known in the regions, where other companies had to lose a lot. The example is Belzesco. Today, thanks to that, we have a vbr filter available.