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The silly Hogwarts legacy bug causes the player to swim to the ground

another player from Hogwarts Legacy It shares a silly glitch they encountered while playing the game, this time their in-game characters appear to be moving above the ground but making swimming motions instead of just walking or running. Now that players have had more time to explore most of what Hogwarts Legacy Have to give it, it’s no surprise that fans of the title encounter interesting bugs and issues while venturing through the Wizarding World.

It’s been two months since then Hogwarts Legacy It was launched back in February 2023. With the success of the Action-RPG in the gaming community, the developers are likely to focus on efforts to keep the player base active and engaged. what’s more, Hogwarts Legacy It has just been released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And with a pending Nintendo Switch launch later this year, the development team must be busy addressing various gameplay issues, especially if the fanbase continues to catch more bugs every time they play. Hogwarts Legacy.

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On Reddit, user JuangaBricks posted a short video from a Hogwarts Legacy A playable character who swims on land instead of in water. Obviously caused by a bug in the game, the character is seen making swimming motions while moving around the small area. Fans will likely recognize the location shown in the footage as the Boathouse which is located somewhere on the school grounds. The Boathouse is likely built on top of the Great Lake surrounding Hogwarts Castle, and is surrounded by water, which is likely what caused the glitch in the JuangaBricks video.

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What’s great about discovering this particular one Hogwarts Legacy The bug is that it seems to resolve itself when the player keeps their character on Earth for some time. There don’t seem to be any reports of the game crashing due to the issue, which is always a good thing. A response to the Reddit thread poked fun at the whole situation by posting a picture because it’s a magical world, and there’s no need to explain what’s going on. However, this indicates that Hogwarts Legacy The team still has a lot of RPG issues to solve.

With the Nintendo Switch version of Hogwarts Legacy Later in the year, the developers still have some time to fix any bugs and issues pending in the game. We hope that most of the issues can be resolved, and new players who jump into the action RPG game will not encounter anything game-breaking in the future.

Hogwarts Legacy Available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S with a Nintendo Switch release on November 14th.

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