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The situation at Kabul Airport is very complicated... and we receive thousands of evacuation requests

The situation at Kabul Airport is very complicated… and we receive thousands of evacuation requests

French Defense Ministry spokesman Herve Granjean announced, on Wednesday, that Paris will not be able to stay in Kabul after the withdrawal of US forces for security reasons.

In an interview with Al-Arabiya, he said that the security situation is very complicated at the airport in the Afghan capital, and they arrive daily. Thousands of evacuation requests.

He also added, “The priority in the evacuations remains for the French and the Afghans who are our friends who are afraid TalibanHe added, “We succeeded in evacuating 2,400 people from Afghanistan, including 2,200 Afghans.”

He explained that the US forces guarantee the security of Kabul Airport to a large extent.

The deadline ends tomorrow, Thursday

A high-ranking French diplomat confirmed on Tuesday that the air bridge set up by his country to evacuate Afghans who want to escape from the Taliban, will stop Thursday if the United States withdraws from Afghanistan as planned on August 31.

Nicolas Roche, director of the French Foreign Minister’s office, also told reporters that if the United States met the deadline for the full withdrawal of its forces by August 31, “this means for us that our operation ends on Thursday evening.”

From Kabul airport (archive – AFP)

Since Kabul fell under the control of the Taliban on August 15, France has established an air bridge to evacuate the threatened French and Afghans, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has identified an additional 62 French nationals who have not yet been evacuated, and the authorities are studying requests to evacuate Afghans.

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It is reported that several countries, including Britain and France, had asked the US President Joe Biden Keep US forces beyond August 31, the date set for the complete withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan to complete the evacuations.