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The situation is critical! The World Hockey Championships will start in ten days, but the organizers have a big problem

Although Latvians have a contingency plan, according to Edgar Ponchase, chair of the tournament’s organizing committee, the only solution is to use the Volvo Hall, which has two ice rinks.

However, it does have one advantage … the Volvo Hall is located 20 kilometers from the main squares of Riga and the Olympic Sports Center, which could seriously disrupt the preservation of the so-called bubble, as all tournament participants have to be put in place due to hygiene measures Strict.

All you need to know about the World Hockey Championship 2021 in Latvia

According to the original plans, the approval of Daugava was due in mid-March, but the deadline is constantly being postponed. Even Bunciš allowed himself last week that the situation with the completion of the training hall is crucial. Over the past weekend, snow production was scheduled to begin in Daugava, but the State Fire and Rescue Service halted work on the hall due to unsatisfactory safety standards.

Czech hockey players will start the World Championships in Riga with a duel with the Russians

“I don’t like to admit that we will have to make changes, but we had to find a solution. Regarding the training plan, logistics and safety requirements related to the Coronavirus, the only solution is Volvo Hall, where there are two ice rinks.”

“But such modifications make the situation very complicated for us. Although the state police will actively participate in the trials during the tournament, there is still a problem of transferring the participants, and this makes our life very difficult. I really hope we will achieve the original plan,” Bunciš believes that The completion of the Daugava training hall will succeed in the end.

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Completed! It is already clear where the Ice Hockey World Championships will be held this year

In the coming days, the Latvian government must decide whether to allow at least a portion of the fans to reach the World Cup. For the time being, the match is expected to be played in empty stands.

The main venue for the tournament is Arena Riga (capacity 10,000), where it plays its home matches at KHL Dinamo. Arena Riga will host all Group B matches (Canada, Finland, USA, Germany, Latvia, Norway, Italy, Kazakhstan), two quarter-finals matches, both semi-finals and medal matches.

Strong Russians and Swedes are waiting for the Czechs to be selected in the group. Arena Riga will also witness the derby match with Slovakia

Group A (consisting of the Czech Republic, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Denmark, Belarus and the United Kingdom) will take place at the Olympic Sports Center in Riga, which will turn into an ice rink for 6000 people. There will also be a quarter-finals.

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