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The situation is deteriorating in Afghanistan.. There is no comment on the fall of Kabul

The situation is deteriorating in Afghanistan.. There is no comment on the fall of Kabul

At a time when the White House hinted at inaction Afghan forces In the face of the Taliban, especially with the latter’s continued progress and seizure of more lands, the US State Department reiterated that the movement’s attacks on civilians and state capitals contradict its agreement with it.

In a statement on Wednesday, the ministry indicated that progress in Doha talks on Afghanistan Painfully slow.

What about the fall of Kabul?

In turn, John Kirby, a Pentagon spokesman, warned that the situation was deteriorating in Afghanistan, explaining that the issue of the fall of the capital, Kabul, in the hands of the movement was not settled.

The US official also refused to comment on journalists’ questions about the intelligence assessment near the fall of the Afghan capital, stressing that the instructions require the authority to assist the Afghan government until the end of this month, and there is no decision after that, according to him.

Kirby also confirmed that the Taliban are still continuing to control territory in Afghanistan, pointing out that it was US President Joe Baden who took the decision to withdraw according to his vision, as he put it.

DC insulation

It is worth noting that a US intelligence official had told Reuters it was likely that the Taliban would isolate the Afghan capital, Kabul, within a month, and control it within three months.

From Afghanistan (archive – The Associated Press)

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, added that the new assessment of Kabul’s resilience is based on rapid Taliban gains across the country as US-led foreign forces leave.

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“But this is not an inevitable outcome,” he added, and Afghan security forces can turn things around by showing more resistance, he said.

Big setbacks

It is noteworthy that the Afghan government had lost the city of Faizabad, the capital of Badakhshan province in the northeast today, Wednesday, in its latest setback, while it is facing difficulty in stopping the Taliban attacks.

The Taliban’s takeover of the city came as President Ashraf Ghani headed to Mazar-i-Sharif, the largest city in the north of the country, to rally former militia leaders to defend it, while Taliban forces approached it.

The Taliban have also seized provinces on the borders with Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Pakistan and China, raising concerns about regional security.

US soldier in Afghanistan (archive - Reuters)

US soldier in Afghanistan (archive – Reuters)

In addition, the United States is scheduled to complete the withdrawal of its forces this month in exchange for Taliban promises to prevent Afghanistan from being used in international terrorism.

The Taliban have vowed not to attack foreign forces upon their withdrawal, but have not agreed to a ceasefire with the government. The Taliban’s commitment to engage in peace talks with the government has gone nowhere as it looks forward to a military victory.