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"The Sky Book"...The Art of Simplifying Space Science

“The Sky Book”…The Art of Simplifying Space Science

Abdullah Abu Deif (Cairo)

Man measures himself by size and height, and the scientist measures his mind according to what he knows of science, and Shadi Abdel Hafiz considers in his book “The Book of Heaven” that all humanity is nothing before the multiverse, which we know nothing about except when we read about it and understand it in a way that reveals to us what is going on. In the other spheres, while we eat a simple meal at home.
In the book “The Sky” by Shadi Abdel Hafez, published by Asir al-Kutub, he reveals the celestial spheres through 3 main titles, the first of which is the star atlas, then the moon atlas, and then a complete booklet that includes pictures of stars, planets and the surrounding celestial spheres. How did you die?
I love you until the stars and planets burn. This sentence was the most impressive when quoted among loved ones from the writings of the late Ahmed Khaled Tawfiq, but according to Shadi Abdel Hafez, this is normal and does not carry anything unconventional. Birth of the old and between them a youth that perishes as usual or even not complete. Shadi Abdel Hafez, in the book of the sky, narrates impressive details about the reason for naming most of the stars, as they are considered mostly Arab and Greek. There is the most famous star “Alphard”, while there is Ra’s al-Ghul, which is also famous in Greek culture with the famous legend of Medusa.
According to Shadi Abdel Hafez, who writes on several platforms about astronomy in a simplified way, the reader does not need any introduction to mathematics or physics, so the book is suitable for various age groups starting from adolescence, and the book represents in its entirety a practical guide supported by dozens of designs and images, and its purpose That everyone and anyone can experience the night sky experience with a degree of wisdom and enjoyment, represents a simple plan of action that it is preferable to follow in the order in which you put it because each step is based on the previous one.
Alaa Al-Nahri, Vice President of the Regional Center for Space Science and Technology at the United Nations, said in turn that simplifying space science would raise entire generations to learn about the universes, and how they originated from the ground up, which is something that the UAE was a pioneer in, as it is one of the first countries to simplify space science And astronomy from the age of children to adults.
Al-Nahry added to Al-Ittihad that the Book of Heaven is an important experiment in simplifying space sciences, as the reader does not need to have a complete knowledge of these floats and calculations of physics and mathematics, but only to have fun, knowing at least what he sees above him of creation, stars and lights that adorn his world in which he lives In it, while it is basically universes and planets, not an atom’s weight comes to its side, or even the entire Earth. Al Nahri considers that Shadi Abdel Hafez’s Sama book represents an important experience in simplifying space sciences, similar to the role and books that the UAE has printed since its interest in space sciences and the launch of space missions, which must be commended and the demand for more support, especially in the Arab world, which is new to the world. Pay attention to such an important culture.

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