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The "Sky News" team was attacked in Ukraine.. full details

The “Sky News” team was attacked in Ukraine.. full details

The British network’s correspondent, Stuart Ramsey, said that his team was making a trip in the middle of Kyivwhere they saw citizens digging trenches, while the Ukrainian forces were halfing howitzers, in preparation for the entry of the Russian army to the capital.

Ramsey added: “We set out towards the town of Bucha, which witnessed the destruction Ukrainian army for a military convoy. We could see Russian helicopters in the air and then they started shooting.”

“We reached the last Ukrainian checkpoint before the town, but we were not allowed to pass, so we had to go back to Kyiv. The roads became very dangerous on our way back, and we decided to head to the western part of the capital and re-enter from a different direction.”

According to Ramsey, there was an explosion near them, and he saw something hitting the car they were riding in, and a tire exploded, so they stopped at the site.

And he added: “The bullets rained down on our car, and the lights and many parts of the car were broken. We realized that we had been ambushed by a Russian reconnaissance squad.”

Ramsey explained that the attackers did not respond to the calls they made as journalists, which prompted him and his companions to leave the car and look for a place to hide.

But Ramsey, while trying to escape from the car, hit producer Dominic Van Heerden, who was with him, and the shooting continued at the vehicle in which a number of the team were still in it.

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According to Ramsey, minutes passed before everyone could take cover from a barrier that was located near a bridge at the site, adding: “We were all alive. We couldn’t believe it, as it was like a miracle.”

The survivors saw a nearby workshop that they managed to reach to take shelter inside, and the British network was contacted to clarify the matter, and work to secure their rescue from the place.

Ramsey indicated that the operations outside the workshop intensified, and everyone was afraid that their hiding place might be bombed, until they received a call asking them to stay in their place until the morning.

Ramsey concluded: “It was a long night full of bombing, and then we heard Ukrainian police She asks us to leave the workshop. We got into the police car and drove back to Kyiv.”