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Slavící hokejisté USA

The Slovaks end the championship, and the Americans accompanied them with a defeat

The Slovaks were surprised when they sent Adam Huska into goal, who only discovered the losing match with Sweden and scored twice with the Czech Republic in the third.

But this step did not work in Slovakia. In the 14th minute, apparently due to inexperience, Brian Boyle fouled an opponent just outside the penalty area, but the free kick that followed did not work. Two minutes later, Colin Blackwell also made a name for himself in the fast-paced movement. The third deadly counterattack was provided by Connor Garland. He won the ball himself, put the handle on the defenders and beat goalkeeper Huska, when there was only half a minute left until the end of the first half.

In the second half, the Slovaks managed to equalize and again won the most productive man in the Slovak national team. Peter Celerik beat goalkeeper Petersen with a shot on the nearest goal. But the Americans responded with Blackwell’s second goal. The same player was close to achieving a hat-trick in the last seconds of the second half.

The Slovaks tried, but could not dramatize the match. On the other hand, Chmelevsky added the fifth goal and the last minutes were played out of duty, and Garland added the sixth goal at the end.

With Slovakia eliminated from the tournament, its top three players of the tournament were awarded. The attackers are Peter Sihlek, Marek Hrivik and defender Mislav Rozandic.

In the second semi-final, the Swiss made a two-goal lead over Germany, but Kunkel reduced the tie and Gawanke equalized in the last minute of the match.

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The ten-minute extension did not determine the winner, so there were raids. Meyer and Kahun beat them in the third series and the fifth series was decided. In it, the Swiss Hoffmann forcefully hit the head of the Niederberger and Marcel Noebbels decided the so-called Forsberg.

The results of the quarter-final matches in the afternoon:

US – Slovakia 6:1 (3:0, 1:1, 2:0)
Goals: 14. Boyle, 16. Blackwell, 20. Garland, 37. Blackwell, 46. Chmelevsky, 59. Garland – 33. Sihlak.

Switzerland – Germany 2:3 after the raids (1:0, 1:1, 0:1, 0:0, 0:1)
Goals: 16. Untersander, 34. Herzog – 38. Konkel, 60. Jawanke, der. Noebels rental