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بالبلدي: أذكى حيلة في واتس اب لتـ معرفة مَن هو أون لاين ومن هو غير متصل «تستحق»

The smartest WhatsApp trick to find out who is online and who is offline “You deserve”

Many times you may need to monitor someone on WhatsApp whether they are online or offline. But did you know how to do that, so today we will learn about the best and easy and proven programs to find out that a person is connected on WhatsApp. Even if this person uses a program to hide his connection on the WhatsApp application.

The most famous programs to find out that a person is connected on WhatsApp

There are many programs that work to show that a person is connected on WhatsApp, and among those programs on the Google Play application are these programs that we will present about in the following short points. All you have to do is go to the Google Play Store and then search for the assistant app.

netwa app

This application has many great features, including:

  • It is available to work on smartphones that run on the Android system or on the iOS system of the iPhone, and for this you will find it easily on different stores, including Google Play or Apple Store, for example.
  • This application not only shows that the person is online in WhatsApp, but also determines the times when the person is online, and the person’s last seen online.
  • It is possible to enjoy the full version of the program by paying 40 dollars annually or 10 dollars every 3 months, in order to have a report monitoring more than one person at the same time. If you only want to monitor one person, use the free version of the app.
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chat watch program

Chatwatch app is one of the most important and best software that monitors someone to know that they are connected in WhatsApp or that they are not available. Therefore, we will mention several advantages of this program, including the following

  • A powerful program in determining someone’s contact on WhatsApp from not calling them on scheduled dates, even if the person uses a program to hide his contact.
  • Through it you will know if another of your friends is using this same application to monitor someone.
  • Available to run on Android and iPhone systems.
  • Unfortunately, the program is still not free, so you have to pay the subscription fee.

Whatsdog app

This application is not much different from the previous applications, through it you can make a list in which you write the name of the person you want to monitor. Then this program starts reporting the times of its connection to WhatsApp and the times of leaving WhatsApp, but it remains a simple and easy program to use.

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