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The Solar Habitat completed its journey across Europe.  Ugly design, cool technology and a number of children's diseases -

The Solar Habitat completed its journey across Europe. Ugly design, cool technology and a number of children’s diseases –

Presented a month ago by a team of students from the University of the Netherlands in Eindhoven, the unique Stella Vita solar home completed a 3,000 km journey across Europe on October 15. However, getting to Tarifa, the southernmost point of Spain, was not easy.

The car traveled about 1000 km (especially from the beginning of the journey) on the lift due to problems with the propulsion system. However, due to various events arranged before the start, the team could not afford a significant delay, so it was fixed along the way, which can be seen in some Snapshots from the video diary.

The car, for example, stopped in Brussels, where it was presented to the European public and politicians. In France, several stops followed, including a presentation at Renault’s headquarters. At the same time, the car was clearly arousing interest wherever it appeared. Including several camps where his crew slept.

Tough start to the journey:

The problems were finally eliminated in France, where the car was already traveling on its own axle. At the same time, he used only the energy obtained from the ceiling panels, which powers the battery with a capacity of 60 kWh. During a sunny day, the electric car was supposed to be able to cover a road of up to 730 km, and during the night the range was reduced to about 595 km.

Elon hasn’t called yet

The retractable side solar panel system, which formed a space of up to 17 meters, allows the batteries to be quickly recharged while camping.2 At the same time it served as a roof for the hips. In the living room with a raised ceiling, there was a large foldable bed, a small kitchen block, a toilet and a hot water shower. Only the batteries and solar panels still take care of powering all the accessories (TV, coffee maker, charging electronics, etc).

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During the development of the car, which was to take about a year, great emphasis was placed not only on aerodynamics, but also on the choice of materials and weight reduction. Finally, the Stella Vita solar house weighs about 1.7 tons, and the maximum speed is about 120 km / h.

It was a great time during which we learned a lot,The team manager said in a statement. “What will happen to Stella Vita? Our big dream is to have a company that will take our vision to a new level. Has Elon Musk contacted us yet? I expect him to call you at any moment,Joked Solar Team manager Eindhoven Kjell Revenberg.