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The son of a British parliamentarian to his friend injured in Ukraine: Rise or die!

The son of a British parliamentarian to his friend injured in Ukraine: Rise or die!

Helped Tory MP’s son fight with Ukrainian soldiers Rescuing a British citizen who was injured by a landmine explosion during an intense exchange of fire.

In a video circulated by Western media, filmed with a helmet-mounted camera, Ben Grant can be heard shouting: “We must act now or we will die!” While he and his comrades are dragging ex-guard soldier Dean Arthur to safety in the forest north of Kharkiv.

The footage obtained by “The Telegraph” also showed how treat Grant The wounded soldier’s leg united him. Then they told him: “You have to try to walk or we will die, my friend.”

Cries of encouragement, rise or die!

Cries of encouragement erupted under the non-stop fire: “Come on, Diano! We’ll succeed.. Keep it up!.. Move quickly and in good health.. You are amazing.”

The wounded soldier lost part of his lower left leg when he stepped on a mine, then his comrades took him to a hospital in Kyiv and rescued him.

It is noteworthy that this documented incident, which occurred earlier this month, confirms the fierceness of the battles on the front lines in Ukraine.

The British were with a team of about 15 foreign volunteers supporting the Ukrainian forces fighting against the Russians.

While Grant, a veteran of Afghanistan, revealed that the fighting was worse than any he has experienced.

Grant after arriving in Ukraine (Telegraph)

heavy bombardment

Grant, a 30-year-old former Royal Marine, is the son of Helen Grant, Conservative MP for Maidstone and The Weald, who left for Ukraine in March, asserting “I didn’t even tell my mum”.

The wounded soldier is doing better (Telegraph)

The wounded soldier is doing better (Telegraph)

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He also revealed in a statement to the newspaper, that his unit, made up of 15 British and American volunteers and Ukrainian translators, were preparing for an attack on a Russian target near Kharkiv when they were ambushed.

Kharkiv, the second largest Ukrainian city, has been subjected to intense and concentrated bombardment since the start of the Russian military operation last February, with the aim of controlling it despite the Russians’ preoccupation with the battles in the east.