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The song “The full moon has come upon us” with the voice of the English singer “Lauren Derwent” after her conversion to Islam.. Video

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The English singer and writer Salwa Loren released the song “Tala’ Al-Badr Alina” in the style of a video clip on her official YouTube channel, after her conversion to Islam and in conjunction with the Hijri New Year celebrations, where the song was widely popular in the Arab world.

The famous singer, who previously sang in front of the British Queen and Prince Charles, decided to present a new version of “Tala’ Al-Badr Alina” after she sang it for the first time during a singing competition, and it caught the attention and charmed everyone who heard it at that time.

Lauren collaborated with Egyptian distributor Ehab Abdel Salam and composer Hamed Badawy to complete this artwork upon her return from a successful singing tour that included America, the United Kingdom, Europe, Pakistan and other countries, according to Euronews.

Immediately upon its introduction on YouTube, the Salwa Loren hashtag was the most popular on social networking sites in the Arab world and topped the various search engines.

The Syrian artist Yahya Hawwa wrote in a tweet he posted on Twitter: “They told her that Islam is the enemy of women… and that the Prophet Muhammad did not do justice to her. On the anniversary of his emigration, the full moon came upon us.

The blogger Suleiman Al-Tamimi said: “The Muslim English singer Salwa Lauren released the song of Tala’ Al-Badralina on her YouTube channel, through a new video clip, which was released to coincide with the new Hijri year 1444.”

In turn, Dala Al-Mufti, a Kuwaiti writer and writer of Syrian origin, commented, “The British artist Salwa Lauren Derwent, after she converted to Islam, said: As the people of the city received the Messenger with a song the full moon came upon us, I loved to receive Islam and the Prophet of Islam and peace and sing with all my heart and soul.” The full moon is upon us.”

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Salwa Lauren sang with great artists such as Ed Sheeran, and after she converted to Islam, she turned to writing Islamic songs.