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The song "Warda" in the Marvel series Moon Knight... When Hollywood decided to give "bread to the baker"

The song “Warda” in the Marvel series Moon Knight… When Hollywood decided to give “bread to the baker”

This article was written by Samia Ayesh, a freelance journalist who writes about Arab cinema, and the views below are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect CNN’s view.

This morning, I found a message from a friend of mine, in which she sent a video of the introduction to the new Marvel series “Moon Kinght”. Personally, I began to be interested in Marvel films about a year ago, as they are the focus of my children’s attention, and in order to be able to follow films or series they love, I found myself entering this broad and creative year.

I watched the introduction in which the heroes of the Marvel series appear over the past years, such as Iron Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Hulk, and others, but I felt a strong chill running through my body at that moment… and the reason?

Accompanied by this introduction, I did not hear the usual music, but rather a song by the late artist Warda, “Betunis Bey”, which was redistributed in a new way.

I thought for a while and said, “Maybe this is the first time that I’ve seen an American work that talks about a topic specifically related to Egypt, and it appears in an original way far from the usual propaganda and stereotypes.”

For those who do not know the story of this series, it talks about the character of Stephen Grant, who discovers that he has a supernatural power that belongs to an Egyptian lunar deity, and discovers with the progression of events that these powers may be good or evil.

Let’s go back to the basic idea.. Hollywood and Western films in general have always suffered from a crisis in the way Arab characters are presented or those associated with our region. Stereotypes related to terrorism, evil, backwardness and others have always been attached to them, without even exerting the utmost effort in conducting a lengthy research of In order to know the details of the truth of this area.

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Warda’s song used in the movie is certainly not directly related to the story or character or anything else, but it puts the viewer in the atmosphere of the story and its source, and presents another dimension to the company producing these works. In the end, it aspires to be global, speaks in different languages ​​and reaches the largest number of audience, But this time in the right way, which goes according to the proverb: “Give the bread to the baker,” meaning handing over the responsibility to the one who is able to do it, and they are the people of the house and the owners of the place.

Hence the idea of ​​using director Mohamed Diab to direct this work in its place, and alongside him a group of creators in music, montage, acting and so on, meaning that the Egyptian energies actually made their way and reached the site they deserve, but this time to take over the reins in presenting the story of its history and civilization In the best and most correct way.

When my children and I watched the first episode of the series, I heard a comment from my son saying: “How nice to see an Arab name on the screen with Marvel,” and this is exactly what we need, because the presence of these Arab names globally sets an example and the best example for the young generation to make The impact is also on the future, and makes presenting the stories of our civilization and the topics related to our issues and our region more real.

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A little secret in the end? I watch episodes more than once to race with my kids to uncover hidden clues that my kids usually look for when they watch any Marvel action.