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The South China Sea turns into a "hot spot"... and Beijing responds

The South China Sea turns into a “hot spot”… and Beijing responds

And he said Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin, at a daily press conference: “China’s deployment of necessary defense facilities on its territory is the right of every sovereign country, and this is in line with international law, which is beyond doubt.”

He added that US military activities in the region are aimed at “provoking unrest and provocations.”

“This matter seriously threatens the sovereignty and security of coastal countries, and undermines the order and safety of navigation in the South China Sea,” he said.

Admiral John C. Aquilino, Commander of the American Forces In the Indo-Pacific region, he said last Sunday that China I sent missile systems Anti-ship and anti-aircraft equipment, jamming equipment and fighters were brought to the islands, which is a very aggressive move that threatens all neighboring countries.

Aquilino said these hostile actions were in stark contrast to Chinese President Xi Jinping’s previous assurances that Beijing would not turn artificial islands in the disputed waters into military bases.

He said these efforts are part of China’s display of its military might.

China claims that South China Sea Its entire sub-sea, which holds undersea fish and mineral stocks, as well as sea lanes through which an estimated $5 trillion of global trade passes annually.

The fully militarized islands are among the seven that China built in recent years by piling sand and concrete on top of coral reefs, causing severe damage to the marine environment.

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