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The Sovereignty Council and its presidency include a new political pact in Sudan

The Sovereignty Council and its presidency include a new political pact in Sudan

Consultations and meetings behind the scenes are accelerating in Sudan between the political forces to present a political agreement or a new charter in the coming days, aimed at supporting the transitional government. headed by Abdullah Hamdouk.

According to Al-Arabiya/Al-Hadath sources, consultations are taking place between the parties of Freedom and Change, the Central Council, the Revolutionary Front, and the National Accord Charter.

The Presidency and the Sovereignty Council

The sources also revealed that among what was agreed upon was the restructuring of the Sovereignty Council and determining its presidency for civilians. She explained that the handover of the presidency of the Council will take place in July 2022, after it is reconstituted again.

In addition, the information indicated that the constitutional document will be the standard and governing for the transitional period, provided that any amendment to it is made exclusively through the Legislative Council.

Abdullah Hamdouk and Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan after the signing of the political agreement in Khartoum (AFP)

The sources pointed out that the political charter will be handed over to Hamdok in the coming days, after the discussions between the political forces are over.

And the head of the Umma Party, Fadlallah Barma, had made it clear earlier today to Al-Arabiya/Al-Hadath, that he had agreed with a number of leaders to develop Hamdok agreement and army commander Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, He stressed that the previous talk about his refusal is incorrect, considering that the agreement signed at the presidential palace in Khartoum last month achieved great positives.

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He also emphasized working to form a broad base to be the political incubator to support Hamdok during the transitional period.

Partnership install

It is noteworthy that Hamdok and Al-Burhan signed on November 21 a political agreement that re-established the partnership between the civil and military components, after it had been shaken by the exceptional measures imposed by the military forces on October 25, according to which the government and the former Sovereignty Council were dissolved, and the constitutional document was suspended.

The aforementioned agreement also stipulated the release of all detainees, the formation of a new government, the unification of the military forces, and the establishment of a democratic path in the country.

However, this agreement opened the door for several criticisms against the prime minister, and made him lose part of his base or civil incubator, especially from the forces of freedom and change, which announced their rejection of him.

However, several recent efforts have taken place behind the scenes to expand it, and this was previously alluded to by the army chief himself, speaking of a new or modified political agreement that will soon see the light of day, including a number of political parties in the country.