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The Space Agency receives students from October 6 University regarding the preparation of an awareness media project about the asteroid Egypt

The Space Agency receives students from October 6 University regarding the preparation of an awareness media project about the asteroid Egypt

Omar Faris

Posted on: Wednesday, August 4, 2021 – 7:40 PM | Last update: Wednesday, August 4, 2021 – 7:40 PM

The Egyptian Space Agency received students from the Faculty of Media at October 6 University as part of the activities of the “Asteroid Egypt” initiative, which was launched by the agency last May in cooperation with Egyptian universities to spread awareness of the importance of space technology and consolidate the concept of the state’s role in developing the capabilities of young people, especially students of media faculties, to be direct means of communication with society Surround them and engage with the audience.

October 6 University students visited the Egyptian Space Agency under the supervision of Iman Al-Azizi, Vice President and Acting Dean of the Faculty of Media and Communication Arts, and Dr. Amal Kamal, Vice Dean of the Faculty, in the presence of Dr. Shaima Abu Mandour, Director of Training at the Faculty.

The agency confirmed that this comes in response to the invitation of Dr. Mohamed El-Qosy, CEO of the Egyptian Space Agency, with the participation of media students, as the agency believes in the principle of fruitful cooperation between the agency and university students, and to make full use of the Egyptian national capabilities.

Haya Alaa, who is in charge of the initiative at the space agency, gave a presentation on the importance of spreading the culture of space technology in the Egyptian society, as well as the goals of the initiative and the effective role of students in achieving its goals, while clarifying some concepts of the initiative and the students’ sense of constructive participation in how to spread culture and awareness.

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As Eng. Hoda Awni, the engineer, presented, in the Egyptian Space Agency’s group of communications and navigation systems for satellites, about the agency’s current projects and future goals in the field of space, and then took the delegation on a knowledge tour inside the space agency, during which they visited the space payload lab, the space imaging lab, and the model Engineering, AIT satellite assembly and testing building.

Ola Omar, Acting Director of International Relations, also gave a presentation on the role of the Egyptian Space Agency in consolidating international relations and its effective role with international space agencies.

It was agreed that the student delegation would carry out a media project on the Kansat satellite project in order to educate citizens in all governorates of the Republic about the role of space in society.