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The Space Authority announces the launch of the "Space Talk" series

The Space Authority announces the launch of the “Space Talk” series

For the second year in a row, the National Space Science Authority is holding a series of specialized symposiums in the fields of space, entitled “Space Talk”, in order to demonstrate the aspirations and continuous efforts in the field of exploiting outer space and harnessing it to serve humanity.

This year’s series of virtual seminars begins with the expert from the sisterly State of Kuwait, Nasser Ashkanani, founder and director of the Kuwaiti Space Rocket Project, who has devoted his efforts to putting the Arab region on the space map.

Nasser will discuss the Kuwaiti space rocket project and its benefits for the Arab world. This project aims to build and launch the region’s first liquid-fueled engine into outer space. The project will be the first step towards launching an integrated space sector in the region and establishing a service to launch space payloads from the Arab world.

Through this series of space seminars, the National Space Science Authority hopes to educate young people about the importance of ongoing projects and the collective commitment in the region to enhance and grow space knowledge and expertise in proportion to creating a sustainable space sector.

This exclusive meeting will be held via Zoom platform for one hour, at 7 pm on — corresponding to — August, the hour and the invitation is open to all. For more information, please visit our website or our Instagram account @nssa_bh.

Join us for this meeting, ask questions and share the fun of space exploration.