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The Space Authority celebrates its members who have contributed to national development

Manama, December 01 / BNA / Under the patronage of Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Asiri, CEO of the National Space Science Authority, the authority celebrated the Bahraini Women’s Day under the slogan “Bahraini Women in the National Development Process” in the presence of a number of the authority’s officials, where a number of the authority’s female employees who are distinguished were honored. In their scientific, technical, advisory and technical participation in the service of the national development process, and for their contributions to highlight the name of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the field of space sciences.

On this occasion, Dr. Mohammed Al-Asiri said: “Today we celebrate every Bahraini woman who read, learned and participated in the national development process of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and to contribute to building this dear country. It is an occasion dear to all of us, even though we believe that the appreciation of Bahraini women continues throughout the year and across generations, and is An integral part of the teachings of our true Islamic religion and our authentic Arab customs and traditions, and what we witness of the interest of the leadership of His Majesty the King, may God preserve him and his patronage through the enactment of numerous laws and regulations, is only a translation of that, but this day has its own privacy in ourselves, we are inspired by it every year more from Lessons, and we learn lessons from him by focusing on the role of Bahraini women in a specific sector, to highlight their role and tell the whole world that I am Bahraini and these are my achievements to be proud of.”

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On behalf of the honorees, Engineer Reem Senan said: “We are all grateful to the Executive Presidency of the National Space Science Authority for paying attention to the female component and for their unlimited support for us in obtaining many opportunities for advanced education and training, and for being informed of the latest scientific findings in the field of space science through our participation. We also thank the Authority for motivating us to present creative ideas and transform them into projects that resulted in many innovations and scientific papers that we participated in in the most famous scientific forums specialized in the fields of We have worked in the space sector, and the authority has thankfully achieved the goal of equal opportunities for both genders and provided the opportunity for all its members to gain multiple experiences in the administrative and technical fields through the participation of women in international competitions, meetings, and seminars on space sciences, the results of which lead to finding solutions to multiple national requirements and needs, including It enabled us to contribute to the national development in our sector and in the fields of Education, training and future sciences.

At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Asiri presented gifts and certificates of thanks to the distinguished female employees of the Authority.

Us 0914 GMT 12/01/2021