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The Space Authority is looking to implement joint projects with the Culture and Antiquities Authority

Manama, September 05 (BNA) Based on the responsibility of the National Space Science Authority to support the efforts of all government agencies related to benefiting from space science applications, the National Space Science Authority held a meeting with the Culture and Antiquities Authority, which was attended by a group of specialists from both sides, where the Culture and Antiquities Authority represented Dr. Salman Al-Mahari, Director of the Department of Antiquities and Museums, in addition to employee Fadwa Hussein, while the Space Authority was represented by Engineer Ibrahim Al-Borshid, Engineer Munira Al-Malki, and space data analysts Aisha Al-Hajri and Roya Bubshait from the team of data analysis and satellite images.

Al-Borshid explained that the authority’s management, represented by Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Asiri, CEO, is keen to open channels of communication and cooperation with all government agencies and to provide all available means of support to achieve the best results at the national level, including supporting national efforts to protect and control archaeological sites in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

He added that satellite images and data are considered one of the most important raw materials in any study concerned with monitoring antiquities and monitoring changes in addition to excavating antiquities, thanks to the technical characteristics of satellite images. He stressed that the authority possesses the necessary capabilities and advanced analytical skills that enable it to provide a lot in several areas, thanks to the good investment of the authority in human resources.

He explained that among the most important outcomes of the meeting was an agreement to set cooperation frameworks between the two sides, and to discuss ways to implement joint projects that could be used as indicators that help draw future scenarios for making development decisions and preserving the cultural heritage of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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