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The Space Authority participates in seminars held by the Saudi Space Authority

Manama, October 13 (BNA) The National Space Science Authority participated in a series of seminars held by the Saudi Space Authority, under the title “Space Talk KSA”, where the authority was represented by Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Asiri, CEO and Ms. Amal Jassim Al-Binali, Head of Strategic Planning and Project Management.

The guest of the third episode of this series was Dr. Candice Johnson, founder and partner of a number of international organizations such as SES/ASTRA and Loral Cyberstar-Teleport Europe, which provided the first independent private satellite communication network across borders in Europe, and Europe Online Investment, which provided the first online service in the world. The world via satellite and many other unique initiatives, in addition to being a member of the Executive Council of the International Chamber of Commerce, where she focused on the role of women in space by addressing her personal experience and the challenges she faced, and through her struggle she was able to reach decision makers and convince them with her idea to get their support.

Regarding her participation in this event, Ms. Amal Al-Binali said, “A distinguished meeting full of enthusiasm. The meeting was enriched by Dr. Candice Johnson, who, despite the presence of a number of significant obstacles and the acceptance and application of the idea in that era, was the first to build a satellite and launch it into outer space. In Luxembourg, and although this project took 5 years, it was the basic building block in its establishment of the largest satellite system in 1983. It also launched a number of initiatives, including those directed to young people to motivate them and transfer its experience and expertise within various entrepreneurship projects, and allocate a part From then on, to guide and guide young entrepreneurs to choose the best projects while giving them the opportunity to enter the business world for those who express their seriousness and belief in the idea by preparing work plans, feasibility studies and other documents related to establishing a new project.”

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Amal Al-Binali confirmed, “The Arab woman, especially the Gulf women, showed their interest and interaction with the lecture through the interventions and ideas she presented and discussed. Dr. Candice, through her previous position as a member of the Advisory Council of King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, is fully aware of the status of Gulf women and their ability to excel, achieve and create Investment opportunities, where she praised the efforts of governments to promote women’s empowerment and support their excellence at all levels and in various fields.

She explained that Bahrain is on the right path to enhance the empowerment of women to engage in all areas that develop their skills and qualify them to cope with future challenges and actively participate in development and development efforts, especially with the initiatives and projects launched by the Supreme Council for Women to support Bahraini women.

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