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The Space Authority participates in the International Space Conference in Dubai

The Space Authority participates in the International Space Conference in Dubai

The National Space Science Authority participated in a research paper in the 72nd International Astronautical Conference, which was held in Dubai, in an effort to enhance international cooperation in the field of scientific research and innovation through the exchange of experiences with space specialists.

The research paper focused on a Bahraini innovation in the field of space represented in the application of software for the control system and directional determination of cubic satellites using the electronic chip known as “FPGA”, and the algorithm used is known as “EKF”, which is characterized by its high accuracy in determining the direction and rotational speed of the satellite, It was applied in an innovative way by the authority’s space engineers to increase the response speed of this algorithm by using the parallel processing feature while maintaining a low level of electrical energy consumption, especially with the limited power in cubic satellites.

Regarding his participation, Aerospace Engineer Yaqoub Al-Qassab said, “Participation with a unique research paper in the International Astronautical Conference is one of the unlimited support provided by the National Space Science Authority to its members and the promotion of scientific research and innovation. This participation allowed me to learn about the latest technologies and innovative solutions used in The field of space sciences, which contributes to the transfer of this knowledge and its application in future projects of the authority.”

For her part, Space Engineer Aisha Al-Haram said, “First of all, I would like to thank the National Space Science Authority for its support and encouragement to participate in such prestigious international conferences, which provide a fertile environment for exchanging experiences and acquiring knowledge from scholars and specialists in the field of space sciences. Prospects for more innovations and research in the field of space to localize technology in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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The number of research papers published by the authority’s employees doubled between 2020 and 2021 by 133%, and they are specialized research in the fields of designing, building and developing satellites, and analyzing images and space data in innovative ways.

This conference is considered the largest international conference specialized in the field of space, attended by more than 6,500 participants from 110 countries and 90 exhibitors, and the number of research papers presented in it was about 1,442 research papers from 86 countries around the world.