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The Space Authority participates in the preparatory meeting for the Space Applications Challenge competition

Manama, May 08 (BNA) The National Space Science Authority, with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration “NASA” represented by a number of space engineers, participated in the meeting dedicated to preparing for the 2022 Space Applications Challenge, which is expected to be implemented next October with the participation of a number of international space agencies.

The meeting began with introducing the participating parties, most notably the National Aeronautics and Space Administration “NASA”, the European Space Agency, the Japanese Space Agency “JAXA”, the Canadian Space Agency and the Brazilian Space Agency. 28,286 entries were received from 162 different countries in 2021 alone; In addition to a detailed explanation of the objectives to be achieved through the competition for the year 2022, a detailed explanation about the timeline of the competition was also presented; All requirements for participating in the organization of this global event were also reviewed.

Regarding his participation in this meeting, Space Engineer Yaqoub Al-Qassab said: “The Space Applications Challenge competition is one of the largest international competitions in which all students from different countries of the world can participate.

The National Space Science Authority has been a partner in organizing this event for more than three consecutive years, as the authority receives an official invitation to participate in organizing this global event, which indicates the high position of the Kingdom of Bahrain on the map of the world’s countries in the field of space sciences.

This competition aims to enhance students’ skills such as cooperation, critical thinking and creativity in solving challenges presented by NASA, not to mention encouraging and motivating them to engage in space science and promote a culture of innovation.

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It is worth noting that the National Space Science Authority participated in organizing this competition in cooperation with its academic partner Clever Bly, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration “NASA” hired one of the engineers of the National Space Science Authority as part of the team of experts to select the ten winners who provided creative solutions to solve the challenges in space sector.

Us 0730 GMT 05/08/2022