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The Space Authority participates in the workshops of the American Geographical Information Council

Manama, December 05 (BNA) Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Asiri, CEO of the National Space Science Authority, participated, at the special invitation of the National Geographic Information Council of the United States of America, in the workshops organized by the Council, in which more than 80 parties from different countries of the world participated.

Regarding his participation, Dr. Al-Asiri explained: The authority’s participation in the workshops of the American Geographic Information Council contributes to strengthening national capabilities by benefiting from the expertise of the Council, which is classified as an organization working to improve the use and sharing of geospatial data and GIS tools. Its purpose is to promote effective and efficient government through the coordinated development of geo-information and technologies to ensure that information can be integrated at all levels of government.

He pointed out that the workshops that took place clearly focused on the importance of exploiting artificial intelligence as one of the main tools in completing geospatial analytical studies. Low Earth orbits and aerial photography, and here lies the importance of this participation to learn about the latest developments in the field, build relationships and communicate with experts directly.

Al-Asiri added: After this participation, it was confirmed that the National Space Science Authority, despite its modest capabilities, has made a good stride in the right direction, and the team of the Data and Satellite Image Analysis Laboratory was able to harness many modern technologies to carry out various studies that serve a wide range of government institutions and meet strategic national needs. It provides high-resolution information to decision makers.

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Al-Asiri explained that the Geographical Information Council is working to promote the creation of smart maps and databases that enable decision makers in the public and private sectors to make informed decisions in a relatively short time for a wide range of fields. It also supports the national spatial data infrastructure, and launches initiatives to produce national data to support planning. It also sets standards and a national approach to handling location data.

Us 0532 GMT 12/05/2021