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لجنة الفضاء بالنقابة العامة للمهندسين تشارك فى الاحتفال بيوم "القمر العالمى"

The Space Committee of the General Syndicate of Engineers participates in the celebration of the “World Moon Day”

A delegation from the Space Committee of the General Syndicate of Engineers participated in the celebration of the International Moon Day, and the delegation included Dr. Egyptian.

The Egyptian Space Agency had called for the celebration of the International Moon Day, in cooperation with the foreign University of Hartfordshire in the new administrative capital, which is an international day set by the United Nations, and is celebrated on July 20 of each year, and it coincides with the anniversary of the first human landing on the moon as part of a mission. Apollo 11″ that was sent to the moon.

The celebration of World Moon Day is a good opportunity to educate and raise awareness of the sustainable exploration and use of the moon, and the reasons for the need to work to organize lunar exploration activities with the support of the United Nations, as well as to promote the growing global cooperation among those interested in lunar exploration from all over the world..

The ceremony, which was held at the university’s headquarters, was attended by Dr. Mohamed Al-Qousi – CEO of the Agency and a group of scientists and engineers of the Agency, Dr. Alaa Atta – Academic President of the University, Dr. Ashlyn Tennyson – Economic Officer at the US Embassy, ​​in addition to professors from Egyptian universities from the relevant academic departments.

The day included a series of lectures and discussions, attended by American astronauts Dr. Sian Proctor and Dr. Christina Korb, to talk about their experiences in space and their vision of lunar exploration, in addition to workshops on analog missions, space engineering and career opportunities for young people interested in space..

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