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The Space Science Authority implements a workshop (Artificial Intelligence in the World of Space)‎

Manama, March 16 (BNA) The National Space Science Authority presented a special educational workshop for members of the Talented Center of the Ministry of Education on the applications of artificial intelligence in space-related fields under the title “Artificial Intelligence in the Space World.” The workshop was implemented by Space Engineer Aisha Khaled Al-Haram via Video communication platform.

The workshop began with a definition of space science and its importance, with examples of its most prominent applications in our contemporary life. The lecture presented a number of well-known inventions that were found through efforts to explore space and develop its technologies directly or indirectly. The workshop also addressed the definition of artificial intelligence and the most prominent types of artificial intelligence algorithms and its applications in various fields. The focus was on the applications of artificial intelligence in space science, and perhaps the most important of its applications in analyzing space images and data to reduce time and effort and increase the efficiency of analysis for big data. An educational competition was also conducted during the workshop with the aim of motivating students to innovate and unleash their creativity by putting forward proposals for ideas that could be benefited from in the Kingdom of Bahrain by employing artificial intelligence techniques in space science. This competition received a great response and interaction from students. The campus concluded its workshop by encouraging students from the Gifted Center to pay attention to basic sciences, as it is the basis for mastering the sciences of the future.

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Aerospace engineer Aisha Al-Haram said: “The students’ great interaction during the workshop and their passion to learn more about space sciences and artificial intelligence indicates their interest in future sciences, and this is a positive evidence of the contribution of such educational workshops to spreading awareness and motivating students to learn and engage in the fields of future sciences, not to mention the Getting to know the latest technologies to open up new horizons for them towards innovation.

Al-Haram added: “All thanks to the Ministry of Education for its clear efforts in overcoming the difficulties for Bahraini students to acquire modern science and knowledge. “.

This workshop is part of a series of workshops related to space sciences and technologies within the framework of continuous cooperation between the National Space Science Authority and the Ministry of Education to spread awareness and introduce space sciences and technologies. It is also worth noting that the authority has been implementing such workshops since 2018 and is in the process of redoubling its efforts during the coming period.

Us 1234 GMT 03/16/2022