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The “Space Walk” rollercoaster is an experience that transports visitors to another world from South Korea

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Stunning engineering design, and genius construction from South Korea, does not deprive those wishing to experience giant roller coasters, but rather relieves them of the fear generated by riding them, maintaining a measure of thrill and adrenaline with a controlled caliber.

“Space Walk”, or a walkable roller coaster, is a festive evoking modern technology, with a design intended to metaphorically transport visitors to another world, as if they were actually walking in space, in one of the newest tourist attractions in Pohang, Korea.

The “Travel” website pointed out that there are several differences between the “space walkway” and the roller coaster in its traditional sense, where there are no vehicles in reality, and no mechanical systems that push one only with one’s feet.

However, this makes the journey a pleasure that is limited by the speed of the person alone in his adventure. The creative minds of the design were the two German artists, Heike Mütter and Ulrich Günth, who drew on their talent, known for creating anti-gravity sculptures.

Those familiar with such creations are not surprised by the aesthetic of the “Space Walk”, with its ripples, folds, and twisting paths, that makes one doubt whether a roller coaster is even walkable.

The highest point on the roller coaster is 230 feet, and the walking distance is about 1090 feet in total. The experience aims to simulate actually walking in space, especially at night, where the lighting takes the visitor to an experience from another world.


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