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The Spanish Super in Saudi Arabia .. Audio leaks reveal the method of "dividing money"

The Spanish Super in Saudi Arabia .. Audio leaks reveal the method of “dividing money”

A Spanish newspaper published audio recordings that reveal how the funds for the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia were divided between the president of the Spanish Football Association, Luis Rubiales, and Barcelona defender Gerard Pique.

The report of the newspaper el confidencial, published on Monday, explains how the Spanish Football Federation and the company “Cosmos” owned by Barcelona player Pique worked together to organize the tournament in Saudi Arabia, starting in 2019.

And the Spanish Super Cup moved to Saudi Arabia after an agreement that extends until 2029, but it caused criticism inside and outside Spain.

The newspaper revealed that the Spanish Football Federation signed a contract worth 40 million euros for each copy of the Super Cup held in the Kingdom, while Cosmos will receive 4 million euros for each tournament held over six years, or 24 million euros.

In one of these recordings, Pique responds to Rubiales’ suggestion that Real Madrid will not play outside Spain for less than 8 million euros.

In the recording, Pique is heard saying: “If it was about money and Real Madrid would go for 8 million euros, they would get 8 million euros, and Barcelona would get 8 million euros too, then the others would get two million euros and one million euros… That’s 19 million euros and you The Federation retains six million euros.

Spanish Football Federation President Luis Rubiales (left) and Barcelona defender Gerard Pique

In the clip, he is heard saying that the kingdom can be “paid” to get more, and we say that if they don’t agree, Real Madrid may not go there.

He says this is better than Spain hosting the tournament “where you won’t even earn 3 million euros. Think about that.”

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After concluding the agreement with Saudi Arabia, the president of the federation sent an audio message to Pique to congratulate him. And he says to him: “Well done, Jerry! I’m not talking about the match and your amazing goal yesterday… I’m referring to the agreement with Saudi Arabia.”

The first edition of the tournament was held in January 2020 with the participation of Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, and Real Madrid won it.

The last tournament was held from January 12 to 16, 2022 in Riyadh and saw the participation of four Spanish teams, Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Athletic Bilbao and Atletico Madrid, and Real Madrid won.