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The Special Envoy for Climate Affairs reaffirms the Kingdom’s interest in enhancing environmental and climate cooperation with the United Kingdom.

Manama, September 07 (PNA) Dr. who is the Special Envoy for Climate Affairs and the Chief Executive Officer of the Supreme Council for the Environment. Mohammed bin Mubarak bin Tina was received by British Ambassador Roddy Drummond at the Council Headquarters on Monday. Kingdom of Bahrain to discuss strengthening cooperation between the two friendly countries in the field of environment and climate.

The Special Envoy for Climate Change welcomed the British Ambassador and appreciated his key role in strengthening bilateral relations between the two friendly countries and his continued efforts and support for the protection of the environment, as well as his support for joint environmental and climate programs and projects. He noted that this reflects the great interest of the United Kingdom, which is subject to cooperation and coordination in various fields between the two countries and the exchange of information and experiences.

Dr. Mohammed bin Mubarak bin Dina stressed the Supreme Council’s interest in cooperating with countries that support international agreements on protecting the environment and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly the United Kingdom, which has advanced expertise and experience. Department of modern technology and sustainable development.

For his part, the British Ambassador expressed his appreciation for the Kingdom of Bahrain’s development in the context of environmental protection and the effects of climate change, and stressed his country’s interest in enhancing environmental and climate cooperation to achieve internationally. Solidarity aimed at serving climate issues and improving environmental work.

We 1303 GMT 03/07/2022

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