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The split Chauvin was sent to the state's most guarded prison

The split Chauvin was sent to the state’s most guarded prison

The word “guilty” was heard in court on Tuesday three times: once for murder and two different counts of murder.

The indictment alleged that Chauvin acted recklessly during the arrest of the now infamous Floyd, and had not followed training and thus directly caused Floyd’s death. After all, kneeling was “disproportionate” and “unnecessary” even according to the head of the Minneapolis homicide unit.

Chauvin is now found guilty, but it remains unclear how many years he will serve. The media speculates about the sentence, which is up to 75 years. There are a number of aggravating circumstances against Chauvin which could increase the punishment: The child was present at the intervention, the behavior towards Floyd was “particularly harsh” and Chauvin, as a police officer, had abused his position of authority.

Violent criminals with hate for the police

On the contrary, it is clear where Chauvin will serve his sentence. It’s a correctional facility in Oak Park Heights, and it’s the only prison in Minnesota that meets Level 5 security standards. No one has fled since its founding in 1982.

Pictures from Oak Park Heights Correctional Facility


There are just over 400 convicts in prison, many of whom have committed extremely serious and violent violations. It is known that there is a great deal of hatred for the police among these prisoners, so Chauvin’s guards will have to be wary. At the same time he threatens suicide.