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Daniel Ek Arsenal Spotify

The Spotify boss doesn’t have money for artists, but he wants to buy a football club

Recently, we wrote a report that Apple Music Artists are paid twice the amount Giant in the Spotify Music Streaming Industry. Music artists have long criticized the alms they receive for playing their songs, but nothing seems to change in the foreseeable future. But Spotify boss Daniel Eck added some oil to the fire when he announced his plan to buy the famous English club Arsenal.

Daniel Eck is considering buying Arsenal

Gunners recently speculated that current owner Stan Kroenke is planning to sell the club. This was also helped by the catastrophic failure regarding Arsenal’s participation in the already canceled European Superliga project, which ended before it even began. No wonder Daniel Eck, his fortune magazine Forbes Valued at $ 4.7 billion (roughly 100 billion crowns), a lifelong fan of the club expressed a desire to buy.

Spotify doesn’t pay artists large amounts

The musicians objected, stating that Ike could first pay the artists a fair amount before he decided to buy a soccer team. editor The Next Web Thomas Macaulay jokingly commented on the situation – Arsenal, for example, under the ownership of Eck, could pay Pierre Emerick Aubameyang instead of $ 486,000 a week (around 10.4 million crowns) like the artist on Spotify – the sum of 9 pence. To goal scored.

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