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The staff of the logistics company shnj desperate. The truck misses the most

According to the International Road Transport Union (IRU), professional truck drivers hold nearly five jobs, although many employers offer higher wages. And Bloomberg wrote that not even the monks were on board.

2022 is a year of turmoil, a lack of supply and huge costs for warehouse owners, said analyst Simon Heaney of consultancy Drewry, which deals with transportation. He added that the choice of the virus appears to dictate the situation. The analyst predicts that within five years the transportation sector will not have access to employees and will be constrained by anti-epidemic measures.

In Romania, many truck drivers do not want to take long trips to other parts of Europe. They are discouraged by the congestion and the timeless daily 50-kilometer border on the EU border. Particularly problematic is the country in which the pibv nakaench is located, says Alex Konstantinscu, Alex International Transport 94 SRL, which operates 130 trucks. The company faced a shortage of people before the covid-19 pandemic, and then the situation arose later. In recent years, the company has raised wages by about 30 percent.

Trucks are not attractive

Long hours on the road, slept in cabins and now you don’t know if the people you’re communicating with don’t have a virus. Constantine, who founded the transportation company 27 years ago, sighed. He added, I would not expect the continuation of the new generation.

In Britain, the number of trucks in the second quarter of this year compared to 2019 was 23 percent, or about 72,000 people, according to the British logistics company. Driving out of the truck cab is afraid of dog quarantine. Beijing is trying to suppress the epidemic with a policy of zero tolerance. Last week, the city of Xi’an, the capital of Onsi County, was locked down due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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Charging also has similar problems. The crisis subsided, which prevented the nmonkm from returning home and replacing it with a new crew. In mid-November, the bag remained on ships according to the Neptune announcement post-decade crew change index, not five percent of nmonk, a drop of nine percent in mid-July. Now companies can’t wait.

Singapore-based Western Shipping said about 5,000 nymphs don’t want to get bored. About five percent of the Anglo-Eastern Univan Group’s 30,000 employees said they were not interested in a new contract.