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The stars of the Arab world celebrate the success of their Ramadan work in an evening in Dubai

Dubai witnessed a large gathering of artists from various Arab countries in a Ramadan evening to celebrate the success of the dramas shown during the month of Ramadan.

The ceremony was attended by Egyptian director Mohamed Sami, who received congratulations on the success of his Ramadan series (Jaafar El-Omda) from artists and critics, and the artists gathered around him to celebrate the great success of the work and its achievement of a large viewership in various Arab countries.

The party’s attendance list included the actress Mai Omar, who also celebrated the success of her series (A legitimate relationship), and is preparing to attend the launch of her movie (Harley) in Dubai during the Eid days.

The audience also celebrated the Syrian artist Khaled Al-Qish for his creativity in his role in the series (Jam Al-Ezz), in addition to the presence of artists Badi Abu Shakra, Alaa Zalzali, Reda Al-Abdullah and Clauda Shamali, and a group of public figures, businessmen and businesswomen in the Emirates and the Gulf countries.

The ceremony included a presentation of the “La Sirene” group, which specializes in cosmetics, on the latest fashions for the beauty and brilliance of women, especially the looks of artists on the screen.

Attorney Mirna Younes, the organizer of the ceremony, emphasized the importance of what Arab drama and arts present to the viewer, and the noble values ​​it cultivates among all societal groups.

She added: The presence of this number of artists in a Ramadan evening is an opportunity to exchange views and experiences about the future of Arab drama and art, and contributes to achieving cooperation to produce joint Arab works.

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