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The start of the “Cosmic Tomato” experiments on the International Space Station

In a blog post on Thursday, the agency said NASAFlight engineer Nicole Mann, has begun installing what is known as the Veg-05 study on Air Force One International Space Station.

What is Veg-05?

The long and convoluted name of the Veg-05 study is Nutritional Value of Selected and Eating Salad and Productive Crops, and Acceptability of Supplementing the ISS Diet Achievement, which is also called the agency’s attempt to cultivate a “Space Tomato».

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According to NASA, basically the goal of Veg-05 is to grow dwarf tomato plants (basically cherry tomatoes) under two different light-quality treatments in space, and in one parallel ground study.

And on November 26, the mission’s precious tomato seeds were successfully sent to the International Space Station, via a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

Once the tomatoes sprout, the crew will analyze differences in fruit yield, nutritional composition, microbial levels, or the amount of bacteria present, using both scientific tools as well as personal surveys.

Study team members plan to literally eat the tomatoes, evaluating the flavor, texture, juiciness, and other things we consider when shopping for homemade marinara ingredients.

The space tomato is called the Red Robin variety, and after growth it is expected that it will be more like those firm tomatoes that are great for long-cooked sauces and fresh salads, or perhaps we can get a completely new texture .. For this we need to study the cosmic tomato.