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The store’s cottage cheese is decorated with a green mould. It happens, says the manufacturer

Either way, he bought the cheese from a supermarket on Doctor Street. E. Bennis, editor of MF DNES, who regularly buys the “Cut cumin” product. The first time was on February 7, and the second time ten days later, with an expiration date on February 26.

The chain responded immediately after being informed. “We will investigate. I cannot respond at the moment, however, we will find out the details and, of course, we will fix everything after consulting with the supplier,” said Albert spokesperson Jerry Marijic.

The manufacturer of cottage cheese from nearby Lostice has admitted that mold may appear in its products.

“We simply learned about it at the time. It is a natural ripening product and is more susceptible to mold. If mold appears on cheese on store shelves, it is difficult to understand where the error occurred,” said AW spokesperson Vladimir Kovac.

According to him, mold can appear during production, transportation or in warehouses if exact storage temperatures are not observed.

“The company takes great care to eliminate such problems as much as possible. Before the cottage cheese goes to the warehouse, samples are always taken from production and tested in our laboratory. Further testing is carried out by the time the product leaves our warehouses and travels to customers,” Kovac described .

In recent years, mold has destroyed tons of cottage cheese

According to him, there is no indication yet that this will be a defect of the entire batch. “In this case, of course, the entire payment will be withdrawn. Otherwise, we can only recommend customers to complain about defective goods in stores. “

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AW Loštice faced the biggest “mold” issue in 2013, when this problem would become widespread. It was necessary to get rid of tons of delicacy for ripening. Production has stopped and the entire process has been disinfected.

The biggest problem was the appearance of the dreaded Listeria bacteria, which can cause health problems. Dangerous bacteria contaminated products in 2006. Related production batches were withdrawn and disposed of. Then the owners stopped production for ten days to completely disinfect the plants in accordance with hygiene recommendations.

AW Lostice has been making cottage cheese since the end of the 19th century. In 2010, the Olomouc cottage cheese received a Protected Geographical Indication from the European Union. This designation identifies the area in Hana where cottage cheese can be produced.