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The storm hit England at Christmas

The storm hit England at Christmas

Weather warnings have risen sharply in the coming days, with meteorologists warning that winter conditions could hit the UK later this month, with expectations of chaos ahead of the Christmas celebrations.

According to the maps, parts of northern England and Scotland will experience flooding on December 27.

The newspaper pointed out that this is the heaviest range of winds blowing from the Atlantic Ocean, and the tables show that there will be 3 centimeters of snow per hour in Scotland on December 27, although up to 8 degrees of snowfall is possible in the Northeast. Semi snow, maps show.

Light snowfall is also expected in other parts of the UK, but in Wales on December 27 at 8 cm.

“In the middle of this period, the risk of rainfall or winter conditions increases, especially towards the south and southwest,” the Meteorological Center said between December 22 and 31.

The Meteorological Agency said two days ago: “We expect another major storm this month, which will determine the shape of the weather in the coming months.”

“We expect five to six storms in the winter, which could be severe enough to guarantee the post,” he added.

If a new storm develops, it will be called Hurricane Corey, and it will come after Hurricanes Barra and Irwin hit the country this year.

As of December 27, the newspaper has indicated that conditions in some parts of the UK will worsen and that Manchester may receive up to 5 cm of rain per hour, however, in Wales, maps show that the rainfall exceeds 5 cm per hour. Afternoon.

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He added that due to these adverse conditions, temperatures could drop to 0 degrees Celsius in most parts of southern England.