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The story of a goal scored by a Saudi in the World Cup and almost competing with Maradona's "goal of the century".

The story of a goal scored by a Saudi in the World Cup and almost competing with Maradona’s “goal of the century”.

Among the stories of the World Cup in football, one is related to a former Saudi player known as “Maradona of the Arabs” because he was a professional with distinction and a star. He played with the “Al-Shabab Club” in the advanced midfield, as well as with the Saudi national team in two World Cups, in the first of which he scored a goal in the 1994 World Cup in the United States. United, and his level almost competed with the “goal of the century” that Maradona scored against the England national team 36 years ago.

Those who do not know the goal of the Saudi star Saeed Al-Owairan, or have heard of him and have not seen him in a clip, are not among the thousands who want to watch him every time the football atmosphere spreads with the approaching date of the World Cup in a country, so look at a video produced by “FIFA” 4 years ago, presents it below, to find it in the magic and beauty of the goal scored by Maradona in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, and the International Federation of Football Associations called it the “Goal of the Century”.

Al-Owairan’s goal, which is very similar to Maradona’s, is as if it were an exact copy of it, and FIFA considered it in a list issued later as “the sixth most beautiful goal in the history of the World Cup,” and because of it, the Saudi star entered the list of “100 best football players” issued by the British newspaper “Daily Mail” in 2014 and devoid of any Any other Arab player.

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The goal, “Al-Awairani”, began with the Saudi player snatching the ball from an area near his team’s goal, then he went with it with the intention of scoring a goal at any cost, according to what can be inferred from the way he started it, then not passing it to a colleague who was not being watched by any Belgian player, and we see it at the end of the clip to the left. The scene, free in front of the goal, and if he did and passed it to him, it would have been easy for the colleague to become the owner of the goal, although he did not make an effort.

Maradona goal video

However, Al-Awairan was stubborn and insisted on what he was insisting on and intended, so he dealt with great professionalism with those who confronted him, and bypassed them all, then he was alone with the goalkeeper lying on the ground after he cut 69 meters, in which he skipped 5 Belgian players, one after the other, as evidenced by a video Another show by below, also produced by FIFA, states that Maradona cut 68 meters and skipped the same number of English players to score his goal, so the viewer may ask the two clips about the difference between the two goals, as long as the method is the same and the result is the same.

It is not known how sports observers and analysts imposed a point of view that they agreed upon later, a summary of which is that Maradona skipped 7 and not 5 players, based on the fact that two of the English national team players followed him, and did not let them reach him, while we see the same thing happening with Al-Awairan as well, but with One Belgian player caught up with him and made him come back with nostalgia, and that number less than one is the only difference.

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However, Al-Awairan, who is now 55 years old, achieved with his orphan and beautiful goal in that World Cup a wonderful victory for his team over a Belgian opponent who was underestimating him, and with the victory he engraved in the memory of thousands what attracts them to return to watch his goal again every time the World Cup approaches and its atmosphere spreads. football among fans of the game.