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The story of a Yemeni youth with a passion for science who became a global star on “Al Tawasul”

The story of a Yemeni youth with a passion for science who became a global star on “Al Tawasul”

From a small apartment in Germany, the Yemeni young man, Professor Hashem Al-Ghaili, managed to run a great digital authority that publishes infographic videos that cross borders and minds, and has become a global star on social media.

Al-Ghaili, 32, broke the penetration index with 15 billion views, exceeding the standards of traditional influence with numbers that astounded the pioneers of the digital world. On his Facebook page, he achieved the passion of 30 million followers.

More than a billion people

Hashem al-Ghaili, who hails from the countryside of Hajjah Governorate in northern Yemen, is watched by more than one billion people and geologists from around the world communicate with him. However, 90% of Yemenis still do not know the young professor who left his country in 2007 to emigrate to the paths of knowledge.

Al Ghaili is a model of inspiration, with a story of challenge and determination. He also has an outstanding personality that has become the talk of international television channels and agencies. In all of his meetings on YouTube, he shows a high self-confidence, and at the core of his mentality is a genius charisma that reflects an innate open awareness.

In addition, Western scholars describe him as the ambassador of Yemeni pain to humanity, and the standard bearer of scientific creativity in order for all the inhabitants of the planet to live in peace.

start his journey

Al-Ghaili’s journey began when, at the age of eighteen, he decided to secretly go to Sana’a without his father’s knowledge, and filled out an application form for a scholarship from the Ministry of Education. He told Al, “If I had informed my father at that time, he would not have agreed, and I would not have achieved anything of what I have reached today.”

He also added that he received a grant from the Ministry of Higher Education in 2007 to study biotechnology at the University of Peshawar in Pakistan, to which he donated $50,000 to support scientific research. The university confirmed that this is the largest donation it has received in its history. As for Al-Ghaili, he considered what he did as an expression of gratitude, adding: “We are from a family that does not forget the favor.”

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

In 2012, Al Ghaili returned to Yemen to work in a government laboratory for a few months. Then he moved to study at a German university after he was rejected by 100 universities there. He received his master’s degree from Jacobs University in Germany with a grant from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

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After graduating at the age of 25, he became the deputy editor-in-chief of the Arabic edition of the Future Monitor magazine, which covers innovations in science and technology.

Hashem Al-Ghaili

The world of filmmaking

Then Al-Ghaili turned his scientific compass towards the world of filmmaking, and entered science fiction with his first movie, “simulation”, written and directed by him. He also participated in acting with the work that was filmed in the Buffa Studios in Berlin only one day, and it was shown in the German capital.

The idea of ​​the film, according to Al-Ghaili, is based on scientific theories that indicate that everything in the universe is a simulation, and that there is a dominant original universe that manages and programs the secondary universe in which we live, and that everything in it of humans, stars and asteroids is subject to its signals and notices.

In 23 breathtaking minutes of suspense, the film tells the story of extraterrestrial beings with super-intelligence capabilities, who put humans in this simulation and use them along with other creatures to extract energy from them and revive the dead who live with them.

Scientific research for cancer treatment

On the other hand, through his videos, Al-Ghaili succeeded in changing the lives of millions, becoming the first Arab to publish biology on Facebook. He presented scientific research for the treatment of cancer with genetic genes, and another research on the theory of changing the Martian climate with hydrogen.

He also published videos that include simplified scientific information in a visual language and infographic content documented by recent discoveries in medicine, science, artificial intelligence and renewable energy.

Al-Ghaili said that one of his hobbies since his childhood was publishing knowledge materials on children’s magazines, explaining: “At that time I was overjoyed when I saw my posts published in children’s magazines. After I got my first computer and got acquainted with social networks, I found it a fertile and easy environment for spreading knowledge. to a greater number of followers. This was the beginning of the project.”

In addition to that, his videos make remarkable titles in English. Among his recent publications, “Scientists invent a new way to turn the sun into fuel”, “300 million habitable planets in our Milky Way”, “Magnetic helmet successfully reduces brain cancer”, and others.

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A Yemeni young woman has been following him since middle school

For her part, a Yemeni follow-up to Al-Ghaili wrote on social media that if opportunities were given to the youth of Yemen, “they would love us and raise our heads,” considering that Al-Ghaili is one of the people they emulate in life.

She also added: “I have followed Hashem since I was in middle school, and at that time I was fluent in English to an acceptable degree,” pointing out that “at a time when only 1% of Yemenis knew Hashem, his fame reached Western countries, who celebrated his scientific creativity to reach the furthest extent.”

A passion since childhood

To that, Al-Ghaili confirmed to Al-Arabiya Net that the first main reason that prompted him to launch his scientific page on Facebook is his love and passion for science since childhood.

He added, “There are other reasons as well, such as the lack of reliable sources for scientific news in addition to the current way of disseminating science, which makes it difficult for the majority of followers to understand. Through this project, I was able to simplify difficult scientific information and present it in a manner suitable for all ages, regardless of scientific background. for followers.

dark world

Al-Ghaili also believes that science is the only way to move forward, considering that “without knowledge or knowledge our world will be dark and full of problems that result from ignorance and should be fought by every means available to us.”

He said that his Facebook page changed the lives of many, pointing out that his videos served as an inspiration to many in finding the right specialization for them. He added, “Some of them had many questions and got their answers through the visual materials and information that I publish on social networks.”

To that, he revealed that “the strongest position that prompted me to launch the project was when I was in a scientific discussion with a group of people and I noticed that they lack simple scientific information and evidence that every person should know. Then I launched the project, taking into account that the published materials are supported by scientific evidence and presented in a way Nice for everyone.”

A message to Yemeni youth

In addition, he sent a message to his Yemeni followers via Facebook, where he said: “I would like the young followers from Yemen to know that despite the difficulties and the scarcity of resources, anyone can benefit his community. There are many methods and one benefit. All I needed was one computer in addition to Determination and determination to achieve the benefit.

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He continued, “We have young people in Yemen who have enormous and mighty energies and a great desire to serve society and the world. I tell them all that this is possible as long as the determination exists.”

He also considered that social media platforms have a “magic effect” on young people. He said: “Recently we noticed that there are many pages on social networks that have a passion for science and publish them to young people in the Arab world, which is a very wonderful step!”, pointing out: “I think that the impact of such pages will be very effective in motivating Arab youth to interest in science and knowledge and not stop About asking the important questions that can change the course of their lives.

Hashem Al-Ghaili

Hashem Al-Ghaili

Journey of billions of views

As for the journey of billions of views, Al-Ghaili does not deny the existence of challenges and difficulties, most of which were related to the sudden and continuous changes that occur in social networks such as Facebook.

He explained that such changes affect the number of followers that can be reached with interesting information, stressing that “the most important challenge is the luxury of time. I do these projects in addition to my main job, and often do not find enough time to prepare and publish new scientific materials due to lack of time.”

He also said that many followers think that I get paid for my efforts in publishing, but this is not true. I have a job that helps me pay the costs of my daily life, and everything I do on social networks is the result of extra effort, which does not generate any material income, especially on the Facebook page,” stressing that “what interests me in the end is the dissemination of science and knowledge for free for all ages and for followers of all ages. different parts of the world.”